Hey there beautiful people, Iā€™m Sydney Marie Sherriff!


I'm married to my hunk of a husband, Sam. A native from Australia and hunting guru.... and Yes, he has an accent! Most importantly, I am a mother to our beautiful little boy who goes by Wild Bill-or Will for short!

Sam & I met when I was s senior in high school, he, a returned LDS Missionary and 23 year old. We dated for 6 months. After I graduated we decided it was time to tie the knot. We were married in the Manti Temple in November of 2013. Talk about a young bride! Together we enjoy green smoothies, baseball games, late night card games, car ride karaoke that involves George Strait and Shania Twain, McDonald hot fudge sundaes, wrestling Wild Bill, and being each others best friend.   



I have a passion for everything holistic and natural! After my own health crisis, which included; anxiety, postpartum, West Nile, immune support deficiencies, and thyroid issues, I realized I wanted to take my education to the next level. I graduated as a a Certified Holistic Health Coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition! I've been a Health Coach for over 2 years, and have been using essential oils for eight years now! 

I know what it takes to have a healthy body, and I know what it takes to have a thriving immune system.
With extensive knowledge of over 150 dietary diets and protocols, I am confident that I can help anyone do it! I absolutely love helping others with their health and wellness, and educating them on the benefits of aromatherapy, and essential oils!   I'd love to be a support to women and mothers everywhere on their journey to a healthy lifestyle! We can totally do this!